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Hello. My name is Angela.

Who I Am: Someone once wrote me this note, and I like to think that it’s true: “You are a jewel in this world – a beautiful reflection of Christ’s love. In your gentle way, you change lives by simply being present. You are intelligent, creative, and wise.”

… On the flip side, people often tell me that I remind them of Daria.

My Day Job: Full-time for a Catholic evangelization apostolate, designing print and web materials, supervising our social media presence, co-producing and occasionally hosting a weekly Catholic TV/radio show, and – whenever possible – mentoring college students through our Media + Ministry internship program. (Inspired Angela blog is personal, and does not represent my employers.)

My Past: Prior to my wedding, I was Angela Santana. I blogged at Catholic Media Girl, ran a graphic/web design apostolate, and helped inspire Brandon Vogt’s groundbreaking book, The Church and New Media. My nickname in college was “The Feminine Mystique.” As a little girl, I wanted to be an archeologist — until I discovered that dinosaurs are terrifying.

My Free Time: While not working, I’m usually enjoying a chat with my husband Dan, who inspires me and is a perfect fit for me. Two of my favorite “things” are hot, herbal tea and the arts. My iPod is named after Jimmy Page, and my portable hard drive is named “Zeppelin”, so take a wild guess at my musical preferences and the complexity of my nerddom.

I’m glad to welcome you here. Please enjoy this collection. Peace to you.

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The Technical Stuff:

Academic – Bachelor of Arts in English Communication Arts summa cum laude, Honors Scholar, concentrating in Theology and in Marketing. Saint Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas – a Catholic and Marianist institution.

Thesis – “New Media, New Evangelization: The Unique Benefits of New Media and Why the Catholic Church Should Engage Them.” 2010. Saint Mary’s University.

Recent Speaking / Engagements Include

  • Media and Evangelization Consultation at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life
  • “Lift Up Your Hearts” and “Woman as a Masterpiece of God” (various Catholic women’s conferences & events)
  • “How to be a new media missionary: Lessons from Mary, Star of the New Evangelization” (Catholic New Media Conference)
  • “Marshall McLuhan for Catholic communicators” (Apostles in New Media mini-conference, Peter and Paul Ministries)
  • “Go Out and Be Disciples: The Role of Media in Faith” (Bibles and Brews series, Saint Mary’s University)
  • “Podcasting production” and “Video production” (Daughters of St. Paul Media Literacy Certification Week)
  • “One Gospel, One Goal” (new media seminar, Pilgrim Center of Hope)

Contact Me:

5 thoughts on “Angela

  1. Hello Angela, I am a Dominican student brother studying for the priesthood. I am also currently in a preaching class on preaching in the “New Media.” And the professor assigned your undergraduate thesis as one of our readings. I found it very well done, and we had a pretty good conversation about it in class. Just thought you should know.

    1. Brother Jude, thank you so very much for sharing this news! I am humbled. God be praised (!) that my work has contributed to the formation of Dominicans. May He bless you abundantly as you continue your studies, Brother.

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