Inspiring Parish Bulletins – Pt. 1

Dom Bettinelli recently got my attention by asking for examples of well-designed, “beautiful” parish bulletins. (One commenter quipped: “Those exist?”)

We may poke fun, but let’s face it: Bulletins are generally template-based publications created using outdated or sub-standard software, by parish secretaries, overworked pastors, or volunteers. I daresay 98%(?) of these folks aren’t trained graphic designers.

A select few parishes, however, are making communications a priority, rising above the norm by hiring talented personnel for the job. Let’s see what a difference this can make.

After some “power Googling,” I came across the following noteworthy parish bulletins. A few parishes responded to my requests for more background information about their bulletin editors; you’ll see some of this below. Click the sample images to visit the parish websites, and check out the bulletins yourself.

In the following weeks, look for some additional posts here at the blog, including…

  • Why parishes with beautiful bulletins don’t stop there
  • How Sts. Peter & Paul in Hoboken, NJ’s beautiful bulletin improved stewardship
  • How Pax Christi in Eden Prarie, MN applies professional graphic design practices

For now, enjoy these inspiring samples!


Immaculate Conception in Malden, MA

Bulletin by Scott Morin, Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Natchitoches, LA

Bulletin by Parish Director of Evangelization Ashley Hebert, who studied journalism and graphic design at McNeese University.


Sts. Peter and Paul in Hoboken, NJ

Bulletin by Parish Director of Marketing & Communications, Max Colas, whose previous job was senior marketing executive for a global company.


St. James and St. Philip in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA

Bulletin design by Fr. Christopher Decker, whose hobbies include art and design.


St. Stephen in Anoka, MN

Bulletin by Parish Marketing Coordinator Julie Gerads, who has been bulletin editor for 13 years.


Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach, CA

Bulletin by Bulletin Editor Kay Flierl, who has twelve years experience in advertising and graphic design and continues her passion as a fine artist in oil painting.


St. Benedict in Phoenix, AZ

Bulletin designed by Tyler Bartlett, student with Arizona State University’s Graphic Technology program.


St. James in Novi, MI

Bulletin by Patti Wienclaw, who holds a BA in graphic design and seven years of professional experience prior to her current position as parish Coordinator of Communications.


Pax Christi in Eden Prarie, MN

Bulletin by Melissa Nault, parish Communications Specialist, who has worked for the parish over 10 years and in graphic design for over 20 years.




  1. I’m honored to see our bulletin from the Immaculate Conception Parish, IC CONNECT, on your webpage. I am the Coordinator of Youth Ministry and the designer of our bulletin — Pilot Bulletins is the printer. Thanks again!

    • Scott, it is so good to hear from you! I reached out to your parish via email trying to find out the mastermind behind the bulletin, but didn’t get a response. I’ve happily made the correction! Congratulations on all your good work, and thank you for putting your talents to the service of the Church.

      Do you have a background in design that I might include with your credit?

  2. I am a parishioner of St, James Catholic Church in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA and was very pleased to see our bulletin among those you chose! Kudos to Fr. Chris Decker and his liturgical staff for a job well done. I, and many others, rely on the weekly bulletin to keep informed of church life in my parish. I also look forward to the spiritual messages on the front cover which relate to the Sunday gospels. Thanks for the recognition and encouragement!

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