Obeying the Call: Angela Says Goodbye?

Imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that my image of God has been screwed up for my entire life.

Yeah, MINE…and I’m the kid who grew up in a loving, Catholic home. I’m the high school classmate who grew up and went to a Catholic college and then got a job at a Catholic ministry.

So, how could this be?

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I underwent a drawn-out move from one apartment to another over the last few months.  That’s one reason it’s been quiet around here, lately.  But the other, much more accurate, reason is this:

The paradox of self vs. others in the Christian life.

Jesus told his followers that he came “to serve, not to be served,” and that we must follow in his footsteps by serving others. In the parable of the sheep and the goats, Jesus tells us that we will be judged based on what we have done for others.

And yet, a Christian cannot be a Christian without an interior life, which requires making time for our own personal, private time of prayer.  Even the Second Person of the Trinity (Jesus Christ) climbed a mountain to be alone with God.  How can I convince others that God loves them, if I do not know that God loves me?

Intellectually, I have known throughout my life, “God loves me.” And God loves you.  And God IS love.  And God created everything out of love.  etc., etc., etc.

The problem is that, during my biweekly counseling sessions with a Catholic therapist, I have come to discover that my intellectual knowledge and my emotional knowledge are often two, separate entities that fight with each other.  While I have retained the intellectual knowledge that God loves me, I have not fully retained the belief that I am loved by God.  Whoa.


Last Lent, as I read through the Scriptures, I became strongly convicted that God’s voice was telling me, “This has to stop.” Out of obedience to that conviction, I sought out counseling for my years-long battle with scrupulosity. Out of obedience, I sought out a confessor who could help me through the fight. I am still on the journey toward seeing God as my loving Father rather than my harsh and critical judge.  Maybe the battle will last my entire life; only God knows.

I write this post wishing to express to you, my audience and friends, how difficult it has been for me to give up the time that I would otherwise spend pursuing projects to help Catholics work with media—including all the plans I had for Inspired Angela—and instead use that time to follow the guidance of my counselor, confessor, spiritual director and husband; spending that time in the Christian paradox of self for the sake of others.

For half my life, I have known that God was calling me to serve the Church by challenging it (in my own, small ways) to pursue excellence in new media and communication.  Each of you, with whom I have had the pleasure to work and grow in friendship, have abundantly enriched my life.  This calling become such a part of my identity; in how I view myself.

However, it seems that God has called others to that place, now.  While I continue to work with Catholic media 40 hours a week, my other 128 seem to have another calling attached to them.

My closest friends and family know that I’ve always possessed an innate desire to fulfill my duty. Last night, my mom recalled a time when I, a kindergartener, was presented with gummy fruit snacks. I dutifully informed the offender that my dentist had told me not to eat them.

Now, it seems that the Heavenly Commander in Chief has re-assigned me to another battlefield.  He has called me to dig deeper into my self so that his light can shine into all the dank and dark places.  It seems that he is preparing me to more fully believe in, and embody, his love.

What will this mean for the blog?  I don’t know.  Maybe I will pop in here and there. Maybe I’ll be back after a few months, or a year.  Last post, I was in a bit of denial.  I wanted to believe that I can continue blogging here on a regular basis.  I have so many ideas and plans.  But ultimately, I have to go where duty calls.

As my friends say, “Let’s be saints!”  The pilgrim adventure continues.



    • Dear Angela, I feel a connection with your comments. Even though I’ve never met you we are related. My nephew Daniel (your husband) has always captured a special place in my heart. Although I was saddened to learn he wasn’t entering the priesthood I’m elated that he has found his match in the holy sacrament of marriage with you for eternity. I’ll keep you in my daily prayers that you find and discover that God is true love. Siempre Adelante (Always Forward).

  1. I came to your blog because I had a sudden and strong desire to see what you are up to and how you are doing – and see this post. You are an inspiring young woman and it’s wonderful that you are following God’s call for your journey. Prayers for you as you go forward.

  2. Hi Angela,

    The main remedy for scrupulosity is holy obedience, you can learn this from the great spiritual masters; I would suggest looking up scrupulosity in this book (and showing it to your spiritual director):

    The Spiritual life, by Rev. Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, TAN Books

    Obedience (to your priest spiritual director) will free you enough, so that you can start healing the emotional wounds. The emotional wounds are often caused because the person does not perceive that they are loved simply because they are; they think they are loved only because of what they do (or don’t do). This is a great mistake.

    You were created ex nihilo, with the same power that God used to create the stars, the heaven and the earth!!! The planets, the sun, the moon, all created ex nihilo, like your soul! An He knew *beforehand* every sin you would commit, and nonetheless desired to create you! He also desired to give you a means to get the true sins forgiven! That is love at its utmost.

    A Mother loves her little baby even though the baby doesn’t “do” anything (besides crying and asking for food), the Mother loves the baby because the baby has an inherent dignity, and inherent value as a child of hers. If this is the case for mothers, so much more for God from whom all parenthood derives!

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