Inspired Interview – Marketing for Ministries, with Patrick Padley

My goal with the Inspired Interview Series is to find Catholics in media who are doing awesome things, and lift them up so that we can all learn from — but most of all, inspire — each other.

What if marketing and evangelization were more closely related than we realize?  What can the Church really gain by listening to professional marketers?

As many of you know, I’ve had some experience working in different two ad agency environments before discerning God’s call to full-time work for the Church.  However, I never left marketing behind.  In 2010, I published my groundbreaking thesis New Media, New Evangelization, which argued for applying marketing industry insights to evangelization efforts.

Once again, this month’s Inspired Interview is a fruit of the 2015 Catholic New Media Celebration.  After the event, speaker Patrick Padley made his presentation—”What Catholics Can Learn from Ad Agencies”—available for free download.  As I listened, I felt a stirring in my heart:  There is so much more to share!!

Pat and I connected to do just that.  This interview will most certainly whet your appetite for more, so Pat has generously offered my readers a free download of his CNMC presentation!  Woohooo!  Please leave a comment down below to thank him, and subscribe to for more insights—as well as some future collaboration between the two of us, aimed at helping you!

(Another inspiring guest is coming in August!  Stay tuned & subscribe to this blog and / or the Facebook page for new content.)

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