Lessons for Catholics using digital media – Radio interview

I joined Elizabeth Reardon last week on An Engaging Faith, her weekday Real Life Radio program, to discuss Catholic digital media.

Download the interview podcast (MP3) here.

What you’ll hear:

Segment 1:  How did I become involved in Catholic digital media? (Included are some previously-unheard stories about my marketing background.)
Segment 2:  What don’t Catholics realize about their relationship with digital media?  What are obstacles to the Church using digital media?  Joys?
Segment 3:  How does the Blessed Mother teach us about using digital media for the new evangelization?  I give 5 points to guide your use of digital media / social networks, especially when sharing your faith.
Segment 4:  What are practical, effective ways to use digital media in a parish?

You’ll see SO much more about each of these topics in coming weeks.  Thanks to Elizabeth for her gracious invitation, and for exploring the ‘tips’ of these icebergs with me!

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