Inspired Interview – Parish Communications, with Michael Puppos

It’s Here: Inspired Interview Series

My goal is to find Catholics in media who are doing awesome things, and lift them up so that we can all learn from — but most of all, inspire — each other.

The Holy Spirit is definitely working!

Since I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Catholic New Media Celebration, I started a Periscope account on the Saturday prior to the event, and chatted with a few others who were also following the conference at home.  Although Michael Puppos was in Atlanta for the CNMC, he also joined in the chat!  Many of you know Michael from the increasingly-popular podcast Catholic SIP.  Did you know that the podcast was actually launched to serve St. John XXIII parish in Perrysburg, OH?

Michael and I connected this week to chat about the outstanding communications projects at his parish—and areas of improvement & experimentation to which he’s looking forward.

I’ve got a list of inspiring guests for future interviews!  Stay tuned & subscribe to this blog and / or the Facebook page for new content.

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