Jim Gaffigan Show pokes our brains, souls & funny bones (Spoiler-Free)

I never would’ve thought that Chris Rock, Jim Gaffigan & Jeannie Gaffigan would’ve interacted with me . . . ever.

Chris Rock RT


Jim Gaffigan RT


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Twitter makes the world strange. But it reminds me that we’re all people, and we all sit on our butts and stare at screens sometimes, and we all appreciate knowing that others enjoy our craft. No matter how far ‘up the social ladder’ we’ve been able to climb, we’re all essentially looking for the same thing.

“Relating our experiences means realizing that our lives are bound together as a single reality, that our voices are many, and that each is unique.” – Pope Francis

So… How Was the Show?

Jim and Jeannie released a great ‘sneak peek’ episode of their new TV series this week.  They’re well aware that they’re “the Catholic couple” in comedy, and they send a message with this episode they released on JimGaffigan.com.

Here’s the message I received: Our human nature tends to blow things out of proportion. We often jump to conclusions about ourselves and other people; especially in mainstream media… especially when it comes to matters of faith and morals.  It points at the ridiculous stereotypes we’ve taken for granted, and reminds us that life — and people — are more beautiful and nuanced.

Even though our show is going to be on at 10 at night, it’s not squeaky clean because we deal with adult themes, like the question of getting a vasectomy, in a really family friendly way. We have an edge to our show and it’s really fun, but there’s nothing really yucky about it if you want to watch it with your family. – Jeannie Gaffigan, AXS Interview

I tend toward more conservative parenting (let’s all let that loaded “conservative” label just sink in for a second…), so there are a few things I would rather not have children see or hear from this particular episode, but I appreciate that Jim & Jeannie want to start meaningful conversations about adult issues with overall clean comedy.  And, as a Catholic, I enjoy seeing how a married Catholic couple who work at the highest levels of the entertainment industry are translating their point-of-view into their work.

Is this something that would air on EWTN?  No.

The Jim Gaffigan Show is TV comedy that makes you stop and think — about yourself, your values, your actions, and how you’re related to everyone else in this world.  In my book?  That’s comedy of the best kind.


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