Bittersweet Mother’s Day? Four inspiring, healing stories.

woman-dusk Mother’s Day is sweet, but also bittersweet for many of us: those who have lost a mother, or who have lost a child, or who desire to be a mother but aren’t mothers yet — or those who may never be physical mothers. I am in one of those categories, and Mother’s Day is in some ways a trial for me.  So, I thought I’d share some fitting, hopeful stories that have inspired me: 1. A Mother’s Tattoo Linda Padgett has lost 5 children to miscarriage. She tells the story of how her tattoo helped her heal in an unexpected way:

…it was a cleansing, healing cry.  Everyone in that room understood that.  There was no judgment or shame passed on to me.  They all knew that great healing can come from such an act.

Read the story on her blog, and see the beautiful art she wears 24/7. 2. Hear Moms Share Their Heartfelt Stories of Healing In response to the question, “Why are you Catholic?” and “Why do you follow Christ?”, Greg and Jennifer Willits shared a profoundly moving story about how prayer helped them through Jennifer’s difficulty nursing their son.  Listen to episode 81 of The Catholics Next Door to hear it. Not long ago, Katherine and Mac Barron responded to one of their listeners’ questions about how to deal with grief resulting from miscarriage, and shared their own personal experience.  Listen on episode 292 of Catholic In A Small Town. 3. Blind Mom ‘Sees’ Her Ultrasound Technology can do great things these days.  Check out this lovely, true story presented by Huggies.

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