How to get FREE resources for your parish – this week!

If you’re like me, you’ve worked behind-the-scenes in parishes and apostolates for a long time, and you want your parish catechetical / evangelization materials to be…

  • Low cost
  • Strong Catholic teaching
  • Easy to understand
  • Intriguing / interesting
  • Outstanding, professional quality
  • Easy to implement

You have a right to be so demanding.

Word on Fire agrees, and has granted your wishes… all of them!  This week only — in celebration of their CATHOLICISM project becoming the most-watched Catholic documentary in history — Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is giving away TONS of their best DVDs, books, and study guides.

How to get free stuff this week

Each day, Word on Fire will give away different materials.  Today (Monday), it’s 100 copies of the CATHOLICISM DVD!  Simply go to daily to enter giveaways and see special video clips.  Be sure to “Like” Word on Fire’s Facebook to stay updated.

Future promotions

I believe so strongly in Word on Fire that starting this special, celebratory week, I have partnered with them to continue providing you with exclusive news and resources in the future.  Subscribe to Inspired Angela so you don’t miss out!



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