Soul Train: Gettin’ it back on track for Lent

I used to be on a show called Catholic Weekend, where the running joke is that every episode’s a train wreck.

Well, that’s pretty funny for a podcast, but it’s nowhere near funny when the train wreck is your prayer life.

Yikes!  That’s me.

So, when I met with my spiritual director on Saturday, we had a powwow about what I should A.) let go & B.) take up for Lent.

Side note: I highly recommend this!  Imagine a personal trainer for your soul.  It’s encouraging to get advice from a spiritual director; someone who sees you and your spiritual state in a more objective position, and can offer expert advice about the areas in which you need improvement — and guidance on how to improve.

Our decision was that I need to…

  1. Quit my awful habit of spending my first 15 minutes awake in bed checking social media accounts.  That’s going to be (sadly) a hilariously-challenging fast.
  2. Give God my first waking minutes by diving into the Scriptures.
  3. Use the Scriptures as a journal prompt.

I’ve written previously about my struggle with writing and art, so keeping a journal for 40 days straight is somewhat daunting.  However, I am looking forward to a stricter prayer practice.  Here’s hoping that all you who’ve been experiencing spiritual train wrecks can get your prayer train back on track, too.  It will definitely benefit the rest of your life & the people with whom you interact.

Lent is a blessed opportunity.



  1. I am the first to admit I sleepily check Facebook first thing in the morning. Yikes. Sounds like the perfect start to your morning. Perhaps you have inspired me….Have a great Lent!

  2. Angela, I do the same thing many mornings! I too look forward to starting my day in prayer, rather than in email or Facebook. I’ll pray for you as I do.

    Meeting with my spiritual director tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I’m really bad about #1 as well and decided I was going to stop doing that during Lent…today was rough! LOL It’s weird how we don’t realize how mindless things are effecting our brains and prayer life.

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