How the Blessed Mother has been treating me

mother-of-god-full-iconI’m on Day 13 of my preparation for Consecration to Jesus through Mary. As you may recall, my last blog post was on Day 1. I laugh at the naive lady I was on Day 1.

She had no clue what was coming to her.

Monday, I had a minor operation on my foot. The doctor needed so much anesthesia to get my foot to sleep, I’m truly surprised I can still feel it.  Since then, my very unprofessional footwear has been announcing my impending presence at work by an obnoxious slap slide, slap slide.

I can just see our Mother going down a To-Do list for Jesus…

Healthy dose of physical pain – check.
Minor humiliation – check.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for our Dear Mother to have me begin praying a nightly Rosary (which I consider a miracle already), but for the past two weeks that Rosary has been accompanied by the cleaning and bandaging of my ugly wound. It’s almost uncanny, how she timed all this to last nearly the entire length of my preparation.

Affront to her vanity – check.

Now, if it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. Promise! But I truly had no idea what was coming to me 12 days ago. The foot situation has been the least of my problems. The past two weeks have been physically and emotionally exhausting.

Reasons to keep her from being lazy – check, check, check.
Testing her patience – check.
Extraordinary trials – check.

This school of Mary is no kindergarten. Quite honestly, though, I’m in awe of her. I’ve never seen her signature as clearly as I’ve seen it over the last 12 days.

I feel like I am slightly more than myself. Life hasn’t been easy on me, but Mary has sweetened everything with graces.

That’s a mother, alright.

P.S. Does anyone know who wrote this gorgeous icon?



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