Inspired Art: “Divine Praises, Divine Heart”

This is a visual story of how I attempted to calm my restlessness Saturday night. As an artistic and highly visual learner, I sometimes prefer (need) to pray this way.





Whenever I see images of the Sacred Heart, I note how the Crown of Thorns looks picture-perfect. Last year, I took a morning “course” in some of what science has revealed about the Shroud of Turin’s image. The man pictured did wear a crown of thorns, but not the short rosebush thorns we’re used to seeing in Western art. Rather, it was more like a helmet, and made of a thorn bush native to the Jerusalem region with very long, thin, thorns.

Seeing a replica of that crown reminded me that the Sacred Heart of Our Lord is not picture-perfect as we might have it. Jesus knows about the mess of life. I’m glad.


Thank you, Lord.

Images copyright Angela Sealana, 2014. All rights reserved.



  1. Thank you. Have you considered designing a poster of the divine praises? I would love to have the divine praises hanging on the wall in my home.

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