Filial Trust – Catholic Photo Challenge

This isn’t exactly what Steve asked for in the Catholic Photo Challenge this go-round, but I just couldn’t resist posting it because it’s just too perfect…


My husband is named after his grandpa Daniel, who passed away when Dan was a boy. Yet through his young memories and family stories, he still remembers his grandfather as a loving, faithful man with a silly streak. Grandpa Daniel made this piece for him and his older brother a long time ago, and I’ve always been struck by the broken hook. Dan hasn’t fixed it in years, just kept the broken pieces for that ‘someday’ he’d glue them back together.

Though I know it’s a sentimental piece that carries a different meaning for my husband, I kind of like the broken hook.

We keep this item in our living room, with a Bible open to the verse. When we planned our wedding, we made sure this passage was in the second reading. Trust in Christ has become a theme for our lives. We both have a tendency to be overly analytical, especially about our own decisions, so keeping this reminder prominent in our lives reminds us that Christ is always present, always waiting to bear our burdens…

…even when it seems like the burden is too heavy.



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