Angela’s Laetare Return to Blogging

So, at the beginning of Lent, I made three resolutions:

  1. No alcohol.
  2. Read (and reflect on) 5 paragraphs per day from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Christian Prayer, Section 1.
  3. Limit ‘screen time’ on weekends.

That third one is going bye-bye.

Yes; # three is getting replaced.

During yesterday’s Catholic Weekend, we were joined by our pal Fr. Cory Sticha. Something Fr. Cory said made me think: Laetare Sunday is a good time to reflect. If your Lenten observance isn’t helping you grow closer to our Lord, change it!


Is my prayer life improving? Not particularly.
Is # three helping my prayer life improve? Not particularly.
Can # three be replaced by something that WOULD help my prayer life improve? Yup.

So just like Buzz Lightyear, out the window # three goes. In comes a doosey: Daily journaling.

Last Lent, my whole and entire Lenten observance was to attend weekly counseling sessions (UGH – major penance) to face some garbage that was affecting my self-image, my marriage, my relationship with strangers and friends and acquaintances and family.  Counseling was, like, serious purging. That was seriously Lenten.

This Lent, I’ve looked back and wished for something like that. Although my wine glasses taunt me each time I empty the dishwasher, I’ve actually yearned for a deeper penance. It’s that calling from the Lord, “Give me a drink.”

So, here I go with the daily journaling. You wouldn’t think journaling would be so penance-ful for a blogger, but TRUST ME, it is. I am hoping and praying this will give my prayer life a boost.


I feel like we should be talking more about John the Baptist during Lent. See my poem below, a snapshot from yesterday’s journal. Laetare Sunday kinda seems like a John the Baptist moment…catching a glimpse of the Son/Sun-rise ahead.



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