7 Quick Takes: Things that excite me at this very moment.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta have fun — especially on Fridays. Hope some of this is fun and exciting for you, too…

1. If you know any graphic designers, you probably know that we can obsessively stare at fonts for hours. The thought that I could possibly get new glasses this summer finally excites me, after I saw these type-inspired glasses for font nerds:


2. When my husband and I were newbie-newlyweds (now, we are at the ‘still newlyweds’ stage), we bought the cheapest groceries possible. That philosophy didn’t do our health any favors. Then, just over a year ago, my husband wanted to re-work the budget and try eating healthier, more organic foods. Now, we both enjoy ‘SOL food’ on a regular basis: sustainable, organic, local.

So, when I discovered Restaurant Gwendolyn, I immediately decided that we should start saving up to dine there. Here’s what Chef Michael says about them and why they’re so exquisitely unique and important:

3. I have been on a Project Runway binge… watching old episodes of the famous fashion design reality-contest whenever I can (folding clothes, washing dishes, snacking, leisure, etc.) not for the drama, but merely for the thrill and inspiration of seeing a talented individual go from an initial creative idea and sketch to the final product. If there were a TV show about following professional creatives through their creative process, I would be all over it.

4. This little craze, however, has also had other perks: Motivating me to take better care of myself, more care in choosing outfits, and finally doing some hand-sewing that I had been putting off. Although the thought of learning to sew (and probably failing miserably) scares me, I feel incredibly accomplished after little jobs like sewing a button back onto a garment. There’s just something about sewing that makes me feel satisfied.

5. Perhaps I’ve been watching one single TV show like crazy because I’m attempting to fill the void that Once Upon a Time‘s winter break has left me with. The whimsy, magic, and mystery to fairy tales have always thrilled me. So, Disney’s forthcoming film Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie (and her wicked jawline) is on my ‘must-see’ list.

6. I accomplished four-and-a-half loads of laundry today. Exhaustion. I’m deeply excited about celebrating with some red wine.

7. I am still excited about my red rooibos tea (read more about it here). And about Whole Foods which sent me this photo via Facebook when I asked them if they carried it…with the price. Don’t you love it when customer service goes the extra mile?


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