My Visit to the Jordan River

This morning after reading the Mass readings, I asked myself, “What does Jesus’ baptism mean for me?” Looking back at this blog from my Holy Land pilgrimage, I answered my own question. Enjoy!

The Pilgrim Log

This Sunday, we heard about Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River. I want to share with you a reflection that I wrote over two years ago while in the Holy Land. On a cloudy November day, I visited the Jordan River:

The Jordan River is not a spectacular scene worthy of a movie set. It doesn’t have extraordinarily blue water nor is it surrounded by fantastic rock formations, flora or fauna. It’s really just a river. (Click for today’s photos.)

And yet, God chose it for His own baptism, and for the initiation of the Sacrament of Baptism. It was at the River Jordan that the Holy Trinity was first revealed to the world (see Luke 3:21-22).

Everyone is loved by God. That’s without question. So what’s the big deal with baptism? Isn’t it some sort of sign that the person is a “child of God”? Isn’t…

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