St. Gertrude the Great – and my little miracle


Each month, my place of employment hosts an “Afternoon Tea with the Saints,” wherein ladies from across the region gather for complimentary tea, sweet treats, time to learn about and discuss a particular saint, and finally prayer in our chapel.

Many months ago, we chose St. Gertrude the Great as our November saint. I was particularly interested in assisting with this event, since my great-grandmother’s name was (is) Gertrude. She died at 101, sharp as a tack when she passed. Some of my fondest memories of Mimi were her delicious rose-shaped candies, her Chicago Cubs fandom, and her humble keyboard concerts of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” or “How Great Thou Art.”

Lately, I’ve been singing “How Great Thou Art” more than usual, and have had Mimi on my mind.

I was so happy to see my mom walk through the door for the Thursday Afternoon Tea with St. Gertrude. After we exchanged a few words, Mom said, “You know, today is Mimi’s birthday.”

REALLY??” I exclaimed, open-mouthed.

How appropriate.

During the tea, I learned about St. Gertrude the Great’s devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was called, “Theologian of the Sacred Heart.” Seems naturally saintly, huh? Well, this revelation meant so much to me. For the past two years, Jesus has – without question – introduced me to the Sacred Heart devotion. It has changed my faith life and – from there – transformed my outlook on life as a whole.

These little miracles reminded me how close our deceased loved ones are to us, as members of the Communion of Saints. I’ve no doubt Mimi helped pull a few strings to send me that message. I’m sure she’s been praying for me. Thanks, Mimi.

St. Gertrude once received a beautiful, private revelation during which she spoke with St. John the Apostle and together they rested their heads on the chest of Jesus, listening to His heartbeat. Then, St. John said to her:

“I now appear to you in the same form as when I lay on the bosom of My beloved Lord and only Friend at the Last Supper; but if you wish it, I will obtain for you the favor of beholding me in the form in which I now enjoy the delights of Heaven”.
And as she desired this favor very ardently, she beheld an immense ocean within the Heart of Jesus, in which St. John appeared to float with ineffable joy and perfect freedom; and she learned that the Saint became so filled and inebriated with the torrent of pleasure which he tasted in God that a vein came from his heart, whereby he poured forth the sweet waters of the Divinity – that is to say, his instructions, and above all, his Gospel – over the face of the earth.”
The Revelations of Saint Gertrude the Great, Book IV, Chapter 4

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