How God Taught Me about Salvation through a Dream

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The Pilgrim Log


Last week, I had a vivid dream. When I awoke, I remembered it. That’s rare for me, but I think God wanted me to remember it…

The Dream

I’m on a group tour, in an unfamiliar, metropolitan area. We head to some sea ports, and our tour leader announces that we’ll be docking some ferry boats. Each person is responsible for purchasing his or her own ticket. This news makes me panic slightly: Do I have enough money?

I approach the ticket counter and ask for a ticket. I’m told that I cannot purchase an individual ticket. Tickets must be purchased in groups of six. SIX?!? I don’t know anyone else in the group very well. Hmm…Maybe I can find someone with six tickets and offer to pay them for my single ticket. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

I open my wallet and — Oh no! I don’t even have…

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