Blue Cheese, Lubbock and other Quick Takes

Reminder: I’m the weird one who writes Quick Takes on non-Fridays.

Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 & GFDL
Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 & GFDL

1. I’ve got a bad (read: deadly) allergy to blue cheese.

2. God has a sense of humor. I discovered said allergy while out of town this weekend. After having consumed only a few small pieces crumbled over an Applebee’s salad, I cried out to God late into Friday night. Cringing in pain, stumbling back and forth to the bathroom, I realized that I’d eaten a similar salad after CNMC (with similar reaction). I can just see Our Benevolent Lord thinking up in Heaven… “I really want Angela to be aware of this allergy. I know! She’ll piece together this puzzle a lot faster if she’s out of town and gets a horrible reaction both times!”

3. Thanks be to God, just as He paired me with kind friends in Boston, He also provided me with assistance while I experienced the Wrath of Blue Cheese as a speaker for “Woman as a Masterpiece of God” Catholic conference in Lubbock, TX. The very patient Deacon Jose (celebrating his 1st anniversary as permanent deacon) brought me Benadryl and acted as my advocate even after I texted him in pain at 2:30 AM. Event planners: I cannot stress how grateful your next conference speaker will be when you provide him or her with this kind of dedicated help.

My friend Rachel Martinez snapped this photo of a very weak me, giving Saturday's keynote address.
My friend Rachel Martinez snapped this photo of a very weak me, giving Saturday’s keynote address.

4. Success! The conference itself (at least, the parts I was able to experience) moved and encouraged me. Lubbock is a town of 236,000 persons and is mostly farmland, as seen from an airplane. Along with speaker talks, the organizing team also arranged “Moments of Encounter” throughout the weekend, allowing participants to encounter God in praying over one another, being prayed over by a clergyman, and with Jesus during one-on-one (literally) Adoration. I heard about a local carpenter who crafted several kneeling ‘booths’ where women could kneel before one of several occupied monstrances.

All of the volunteers whom I met were welcoming. Thanks a million to you all for a blessed experience! Lubbock’s Catholic community members I met were outstandingly genuine, gracious and loving.

5. I do mean loving! Fr. Andrés Mendoza, pastor of the parish hosting this conference, blew me away with his vigorous sense of humor and equally-powerful sense of reverence. “I love you, mi hijos,” he would often say. (I love you, my children.)

6. Stryper has a new video. You deserve to see it. (If you’ve never heard of Stryper, I pity you. Deeply.)

7. I won’t be on Catholic Weekend until episode 200; events for work have priority. Until then, enjoy my co-hosts’ antics at the official CW site or subscribe on YouTube.

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