“Woman as a Masterpiece of God” — See you soon, Lubbock!


The highlight of my day today was learning that my brand-spankin’-new spiritual director is celebrating Mass for me Wednesday. (Which is the most humbling and comforting thing to hear…)

I shared with him what I’ll now share with you: Before I speak at a Catholic event, I (and many other speakers I know) experience some sort of hardship, frustration or discouragement. And so, since this weekend I’ll be in Lubbock, Texas speaking at Woman as a Masterpiece of God conference, I’ve been hearing the nagging voice of discouragement for the past several days.

Thank God for spiritual fathers and my sacramentals!

I’ve been saving my sweaters for you, Lubbock. We may all be in Texas, but y’all have low temperatures about 30 degrees lower than ours. Gotta love this great, big state of ours!

Now a treat for you, reader: Danielle Rose singing a song relevant to this weekend’s conference events – “If I Touch Him” – inspired by the hemorrhaging woman (cf. Matt. 9, Mark 5, Luke 8). This makes me cry every time I attempt to sing it. You can download this song for free on NCYC’s website.


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