My latest jam is a capella from space (Pentatonix “PTX Vol. 2”)


A capella from….”the future”…according to Ben Folds, gushes forth from Pentatonix, five young singers who have adapted a capella for their generation. They blow my mind.

Honestly, I have not been blogging or laughing much lately. Sad, I know. So many stressors, so little time… but a get-together with friends yesterday and this music has brought it all back.

Ladies and gents, I pre-ordered PTX Volume 2 on iTunes. You should, too. Preview the album exclusively on Billboard RIGHT. NOW.

My recommendations:

  • STOMP to “Natural Disaster”
  • DANCE to “Love Again”
  • MEDITATE on “Run to You”
  • ROCK to “Daft Punk” (incredible medley)
  • SAVE THE WORLD to “Save the World / Don’t You Worry Child” (I much prefer to the originals)

Tell me whatcha think.

If you’re a music nerd, you’ll find the video introduction to the album:


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