Too busy loving

No recent blogs from me.

No Pope commentary.

No media tips.

No inspirational stories.

The truth is? I’ve been too busy being a lover to blog.

Correction: Blogging should be loving. I’ve just been too busy letting God teach me about loving.

It’s good stuff.

No worries; I’m not abandoning new media; I know that’s a God-given gift to me. After all, I was the four-eyed middle schooler who taught herself HTML while AIM chatting with her Muslim friend about peace. <— that’s the facts. real-life poetry.

I’m also busy preparing my presentation for the Catholic New Media Conference, coming soon to Boston, “How to be a new media missionary – lessons from Mary, Star of the New Evangelization.” At first, I was afraid of this talk because I thought I wasn’t qualified to give it. But now that I’m knee-deep in the content, I realize I was kinda-a-little-bit born to give this presentation. Praise God. I’m looking forward to seeing those kinds of epic presentations from the rest of the speaker team.

Teaser: We’ll be grabbing top tips from some of the best missionaries in Church history, and taking a FRESH look at our role on the digital continent.

I’ve also been busy writing out my packing list for San Francisco. My husband and I will be flying there for a family wedding, and I’ll finally set foot in St. Francis’ town.

Speaking of my husband…did I mention that this Sunday, he’s launching a faith-based talk show on commercial, news-talk radio? It’s called The Mess: Real Faith Radio. It’s inspired by Pope Francis. Y’all should give it a listen: Sunday at 8pm CDT.

Talk to ya later.


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