Dominican Sisters of Mary go ‘Weird’…

Austin, Texas is known for being “weird.” You non-Texans think Austin’s some sorta “bastion of all things cowboy”? Puh-lease. Go to Dallas. Austin is about BBQ and hippies. The city’s official slogan is, “Keep Austin Weird.” Well, and now Austin’s about to get a little weirder. The news is revealed here:

Yes, the beautifully-weird Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (known for their appearances on Oprah and for schooling evangelicals on Game Show Network’s American Bible Challenge) are heading down to Texas. My response? Thank God. Austin has gotten so desperate for more Catholic things recently, Fullness of Truth Catholic evangelization ministries started selling these t-shirts a few months ago:


inspired by the original shirts…


OK, so the t-shirt thing wasn’t really a campaign to keep Catholicism in Austin. It was just a joke. But I am happy for Austin. Praise the Lord.


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