Inspired by: the Humility of God

angela-fullnessoftruthZERO posts here at the blog means Angela has been mighty busy. I’ve got a few minutes tonight before it’s time to “hit the hay” (go to bed)…

This Saturday, I woke up early for the weekend conference hosted by Fullness of Truth, a Catholic evangelization apostolate based in the Houston, Texas area. FOT’s conference comes to town annually with big-name Catholic speakers, and they’re nice enough to offer an exhibitor’s table to my employer Pilgrim Center of Hope. So, yeah — I was working.

After several hours of giving away brochures for our upcoming Catholic Women’s Conference and chatting with folks about our own evangelization apostolate, I got to hear Fr. Donald Calloway‘s talk, Virgin Mary: Model of True Femininity. While I had heard Father speak on this subject before, I had heard his presentation on CD. Seeing a live audience of several hundred people react to his message was probably more entertaining. (Let’s just say he is far from politically-correct!) Lots of laughter, strong head-nodding, and spouses looking thoughtfully at one another.

On a related note, one of my favorite things about this event was seeing so many lovely, pregnant Catholic women! When one of them approached my table, I complimented her on her beautiful ‘bump’ and she laughed almost surprised, saying, “That’s not the kind of reaction I get in the grocery store, so it’s nice to hear that. Thanks.” Wow…sad! Another sign that our society is losing its appreciation for pregnant mothers. Honestly, how can we be blind to the gorgeous light these women have in their faces??

Father Calloway spoke about how much God was in love with his greatest creation, woman, that “He took up abode in her body” — meaning, of course, the Virgin Mary’s nine months carrying Jesus. God is so humble, isn’t He?

Another story proving God’s humility was shared by Brandon Vogt on Catholic Weekend (which I — most regrettably — had to miss). He shared a story originally told by Dr. Peter Kreeft about how God revealed himself to one of Dr. Kreeft’s former students in a MOST surprising form. You really must hear it. The story delights and inspires me.

I’ll leave you with a song that has deeply touched my prayer life, and is gaining more attention for singer-songwriter Audrey Assad. Audrey is a convert to Catholicism, and this song in particular reflects her newfound Catholic spirituality: “I Shall Not Want.”

P.S. Congratulations to “Mrs. Brandon Vogt” (Kathleen) who is expecting their fourth child!


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