Catholic creatives: How to get inspired anytime

Helloooooo designers, artists, musicians, poets, writers, songwriters, architects, photographers, videographers, podcasters, actors, producers, directors, bartenders, chefs, cooks, and otherwise creative Catholics! Welcome to my blog, which I created to help my fellow Catholics in ministry. If you’re not in ministry, guess what? You still are. Our being Catholic means we’re being called to reflect God every day. The basic evangelization method = witness.

Back to the point: My blog is here to serve you. Therefore, I’m continuing my weekly “Get Inspired By” series. I’d also like to offer inspiring stuff — including my personal tips.

You may be wondering, ‘Who is she to give creativity tips?’ I work full-time in Catholic evangelization, and I’m what you’d call a Jane of Almost-All-Creative Trades. Small apostolates don’t have a lot of money on their hands to hire people with specialized skill sets. So on the job, I’m a writer, graphic designer, web designer, marketing consultant, TV producer, TV host, radio personality, etc., although I’ve received academic and professional training in even more than that. Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by how often my creativity levels need to be high. Other times, I’m crunching numbers on spreadsheets, and my boss asks me to design something straightaway. That’s when my right brain looks around dazed, yawns, and says, “Uh, did someone ask for me?”

Times like those, it’s tough to get inspired. So, when your creative juices are running low, what do YOU do? Share the love! Comment!

Here’s what I do:

1.) Surround myself with inspiration.




My workspace is brimming with Byzantine iconography, classic art, photos of inspiring people, magazines, etc. If your environment is not inspiring, change it! Either re-decorate, or take a quick walk to seek inspiration. You’d be surprised how often I’ve had a creativity boost by walking from the water cooler to my office.

2.) Admire others’ work.

Whenever I’ve gotta get creative on a deadline, my go-to website is, whose tagline is “Showcase & Discover Creative Work.” I scan through some projects, and within a few minutes, I’ve found something that turns the gears in my head. Another option is to have a small (or large) library related to your field — art books, industry award annuals, DVDs, a YouTube playlist, etc. — to flip through for that initial, creative spark. If you work with other creatives, let them inspire you, too.

3.) Listen to music.

The right hemisphere of your brain loves melodies. Figure out some songs that wake up your creative abilities, and use them as your go-to’s. Lately, a few of mine have been “Message In A Bottle” (The Police),  “Radioactive” Cover (Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix), “Skyfall” (Adele), anything composed by St. Hildegard von Bingen, most songs by Led Zeppelin, and tons of songs by Mutemath. Like this one:

4.) Pray!

By far, one of the most helpful practices that I’ve established in my career is to pray every morning for the guidance and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Ever since I started doing this, I’ve been amazed at my growth and ability to stretch my God-given talents.

So, how ’bout you?



  1. Thanks for the tips! God has called me to start blogging, so I’ve suddenly become more creative and evangelistic than ever before!

    I have connected with so many amazing Catholics on Twitter. At any given time, I can check my news feed and be inspired by so many encouraging tweets and good news.

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