How do we come to faith? [Marshall McLuhan Monday]

In tandem with the wonderful new encyclical penned by our two living popes, “Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith)“, I’d like to share McLuhan’s own thoughts on this thing we call faith and how we obtain it.

Inspired Angela

As we continue to explore Marshall McLuhan as a model for Catholic communicators in this Year of Faith, we ask him the question, “How do we come to faith?” or “How do we strengthen our faith?”

In his fascinating essay, “Passion and Precision: The Faith of Marshall McLuhan,” contemporary Derrick de Kerckhove recalls a conversation he once had with McLuhan on the subject:

I remember that once, pressed by an overload of worries, in the middle of a conversation about the French adaptation of his book From Cliche to Archetype, I asked him one of the few personal direct questions I ever ventured with him, “Marshall, what does faith mean to you?” and he answered right away, as a matter of fact, a simple evidence:
“Paying attention, faith is paying attention, not to the cliches of religion only, but to the ground of the total man, which is…

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