Astounding, inspiring videos: Children who know their faith

Forget “kids say the darndest things” — these kids say heavenly things! Today, I’m so please to share with you some children who simply amaze me…

Three-year-old ‘celebrates’ complete Mass

Talk about baptismal grace! This little Colombian boy can’t even read, but he knows the Mass! Samuel is an orphan who goes to Mass with his grandmother twice a week, and he wants to be a priest when he grows up. (As if it weren’t evident enough!) If you can’t understand Spanish, here’s a summary of what he covers here:

  • He sings an Entrance Hymn, greets the faithful, announces the Mass intention
  • Begins the Mass properly, all the way through the entire Penitential Rite, Gloria, and Collect
  • He has someone from the congregation read the first couple of readings (off camera) and then leads the Alleluia and announces, “A reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke…. St. John!” and ‘reads’ a string of random phrases from different pericopes. Then, he gives a little homily and ends saying, “May it be so!”
  • He offers the chalice and paten. Imploring the congregants to give thanks to God, he leads then in the “Holy, Holy, Holy…”
  • Asks the Father to send the Holy Spirit to transform the gifts into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and eloquently recalls the Last Supper of the Lord. He even asks blessings on Pope Francis.

Little Isaac sings Salve Regina

Not sure how old this Canadian boy is, but he sure does love Mary! I’m completely in awe of his Latin and his beautiful smile while singing to Our Blessed Mother.

Two-year old schools you on Catholic theology

Of course, if your dad were Dr. Michael Barber, you’d probably be just as learned. I love the light in his eyes!

Have any other amazing Catholic kid videos to share? I’d love to see ’em!


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