Stereotypes Broken: ‘Axis of Evil’ Comedy


Need a laugh today? I’ve been wanting to share some funny bits with you – the standup comedy of a Middle-Eastern native who’s trying to break stereotypes. And Catholics, let’s be honest: we are not the only ones stereotyped in news, TV, movies, etc.!

“There are good people everywhere,” stresses Iranian-American comedian-actor, Maz Jobrani. (You may have seen him in The Interpreter…great film.) Jobrani says, “I try with my standup to break stereotypes, present Middle-Easterners in a positive light, present Muslims in a positive light. And I hope that in the coming years, more film and television programs come out of Hollywood presenting us in a positive light.”

On that note, my husband and I recently watched Taken 2 (starring Liam Neeson). Afterwards, I told my husband, “You know, I’m really tired of Middle-Eastern, Muslim movie bad guys.” Isn’t it getting old with you, too?

One of the greatest ways to foster universal brotherhood between persons is laughter. Enjoy these clips from Maz’s internationally-flavored standup comedy:


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