Surprises from Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle, and more!


Surprises, surprises! Just a few inspiring surprises from this week:

Pope Francis celebrated Mass for his gardeners

His Holiness once again recognized the workers in his midst by sneaking up on them (see above) today and celebrating Mass.

Cardinal Bergoglio planned to retire and live in an elderly priests’ home

Looks like Our Lord is continuing to foil the plans of Cardinals planning retirement! I wonder if this’ll be part of Francis’ discussion with the Pope Emeritus during their lunch tomorrow.

Cardinal Tagle is a talented singer! (H/T Mike Hayes)

‘Peter’ and ‘Andrew’ unite at inauguration

For the first time since the Great Schism nearly 1,000 years ago, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople – His All-Holiness Bartholomew – attended the Inauguration of Pope Francis into the Petrine Ministry. I am so, so excited about this wonderful surprise. The Patriarch addressed the newly-installed pontiff, indicating dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches as a high priority:

The unity of the Christian Churches is surely our foremost concern as one of the fundamental prerequisites for the credibility of our Christian witness in the eyes of those near and afar. In order to achieve this unity, we must continue the inaugurated theological dialogue so that we may jointly appreciate and approach the truth of faith, the experience of the saints, and the tradition of the first Christian millennium shared by East and West alike.

Read the rest at the Patriarchate’s beautiful website. I’m also excited that Bartholomew invited Francis to Jerusalem this year, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the embrace between Paul VI and Athenagoras.

What were your favorite surprises this week?


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