Pope Francis in the global theater [MMM follow-up]

ABC News on Pope Francis

Reflecting on Marshall McLuhan’s words concerning the Church’s relevancy in our connected world (“global theater”), last Monday I wrote:

Whomever the good cardinals choose, I pray that our new pope will be a man who can make a positive, lasting impression in the global theater.

Just about every pundit and person in the pews – myself included – was expecting a younger, charismatic John Paul III of sorts to emerge from last week’s conclave. We were all thinking inside the box, weren’t we? Here comes a more mature, Latin American Jesuit leader who names himself after a lover of the poor.

Marshall McLuhan also spoke about the relevancy of the Roman Curia in his day, and that question was undoubtedly on the cardinals’ minds this time around. Their (or perhaps we should say the Lord’s) innovative answer to this question was to choose a man who is an outsider to the Roman Curia, a man who prefers personal witness and pastoral care to administrative work, a man who has never pursued higher office in the Church.

Today, Vatican News announced that the new pope “wishes to reserve time for reflection, prayer, and dialogue before any final appointment or confirmation is made” for members of the Curia. Many Cardinals have said they expect Francis to transform the Curia into less of a bureaucracy and more of an evangelical arm of the Church.

It all makes me wonder what McLuhan would have said about Pope Francis.

Here’s ABC News on the Pontiff:


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