More (Reliable) Sources for Papal Conclave Updates

Journalist John Paul Shimek joins us Catholic Weekend panelists from Vatican's Paul VI Hall.
Journalist John Paul Shimek joins us Catholic Weekend panelists from Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

Habemus datam! (We have a date!)

As we enter into the week of the conclave, prepare for another tidal wave of ignorance about the Catholic Church from mainstream media. (Hey, it’s true!) Last week, I introduced you to several news sources on which I’m relying for reliable coverage of these events. Since I can’t blog the news 24/7, I rely on other bloggers to inform you lovely readers from a Catholic perspective:

Fr. Robert Barron – Word on Fire

NBC hired Fr. Robert Barron as a special correspondent and analyst for the papal conclave. They’re smart; he’s one of the most articulate Catholic voices today. Keep an eye out for his coverage via NBC News and Word on Fire.

Archdiocese of Boston’s media team – The Good Catholic Life

Sean Cardinal O’Malley of Boston, MA, has been blazing media trails for years in his Archdiocese. For this conclave period, his archdiocesan media team reports from Rome as pilgrims, journalists, talk show hosts, and – of course – Catholics. They’re wonderfully documenting the goings-on from their unique perspective and credentials.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York – The Gospel in the Digital Age

Cardinal Dolan’s been blogging from Vatican City since he arrived for the cardinals’ pre-conclave general congregations. While he isn’t blogging specifics about the papal election process (about which he’s promised to remain silent), it’s certainly interesting to read his thoughts during this historic event.

Lisa Hendey – A Good Measure @ Patheos

Having been invited to the Vatican’s Blogger Meeting last year, Lisa Hendey now sees the news from Rome with different eyes. She’s a speaker in high demand across the United States about new media, Catholics saints and parenthood. At her blog, you’ll find everything from news commentary to related links and tools for conclave-tracking!

John Paul Shimek at Catholic Vote

This morning, I had the privilege of ‘hanging out’ with pilgrim-journalist John Paul Shimek, a member of the “JPII Generation” like me, who is reporting from inside the Vatican for several publications through Holy Week. He was a gracious guest to our weekly Catholic Weekend podcast, and gave us some great insider impressions — answering questions like, ‘Why do so few mainstream journalists understand the Church?’ and ‘How many young people are in the Vatican?’ Listen to the podcast episode 163, to be published soon here.


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