The example of Jesus Christ [Marshall McLuhan Monday]

Jacopo Bellini's "The Crucifixion"
Jacopo Bellini’s “The Crucifixion”

Friends, we are smack-dab in the middle of a waiting period…Lent…and here we are, waiting for a new pontiff. I think it’s time for our good friend McLuhan to remind us that our waiting should never be complacent.

As long as the example of Jesus Christ stands before us, let everyone be ashamed of even a moment of self-complacency.
– H. Marshall McLuhan, February 14, 1931

Are we finding that we’re doing “enough” to pray for the conclave? That we’re doing “enough” for our Lenten sacrifices to “count”? That we’re “pretty good Christians”?

Get real. Lent’s focus is the crucifix and the words, “Follow me.”

Are we?


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