Pope Emeritus’ favorite ice cream flavors – and great media coverage sources

The Vatican website's homepage indicates a vacant see following Benedict XVI's abdication
The Vatican website’s homepage indicates a vacant see following Benedict XVI’s abdication

Listen: I’ve spent about 20 minutes watching mainstream media’s attempt at covering the papal abdication and sede vacante. I’m so done with that. Special thanks, though, to Fr. Robert Barron, Fr. Jim Martin, George Weigel, and all the other faithful correspondents I’ve seen working in the mainstream channels. You’re lights in a sludge of misinformation, my friends. I salute you.

Instead, I’m spending my time at the following media venues. (Note: listed in alpha order, not by order of preference) What are your favorite media outlets for Catholic content coverage?

John L. Allen, Jr.

I’m not a fan of the National Catholic Reporter newspaper, but they smartly hired John Allen to write for them, so I can’t ignore NCR entirely. Check out John’s articles and blogs for in-depth coverage of Catholic news, as well as the incisive series, “Papabile of the Day,” daily examining a potential pope.

Catholic News Service

No words are needed. That’s the approach that CNS took when producing a short video summarizing the last hours of Benedict XVI’s pontificate. Follow CNS for some of the best interviews and reports I’ve seen.


As always, Raymond Arroyo and company have got the scoop. If you’re like me and without cable TV, simply subscribe to their YouTube channel for recordings of key news reports and programs.

Rome Reports

I love these guys. They produce and upload to YouTube very quickly. They’ve also put together some great videos. My favorites include one reflecting on the Pope Emeritus’ decisions in his final months as pope, and this gem about his future…complete with old-timey retirement music, footage of the Pope Emeritus in a baseball cap, his favorite ice cream flavors, and an insistent Italian woman with big hair. Now that’s what I call retirement.


The Star Quest Production Network is my go-to media outlet for Catholic content. These days, it’s especially appropriate, since SQPN was born during the death of John Paul II and election of Benedict XVI. Check out its flagship podcast, The Catholic Insider, hosted by the excitable and reverent Fr. Roderick Vonhögen.

The Vatican

Don’t forget; the Vatican has its own news media! Only official stuff here. Follow them on YouTube for videos straight from the source.

Whispers in the Loggia

Whenever someone’s whispering anything of significance for the Catholic Church, it seems like Rocco Palmo’s listening. His blog hosts reflections, news summaries, late-breaking reports, and videos straight from the Vatican. I think he must have went straight to sleep once the Pope Emeritus did, because he’s been hard at work these past few days.


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