“The Holy Spirit does not go on holidays.” – My favorite reaction to Pope’s announcement

This week we’ve all been bombarded with reactions to Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement. I’m sure many of you are quite tired and have resigned to prayer by now.

The North American cardinals’ reactions are available from our dear brother Rocco Palmo’s blog. While I love them, I also have a special affinity for Africa’s Francis Cardinal Arinze, whose sense of humor and reverence are unmatched in my book.

He was in the room when the Holy Father made his statement. Here’s Cardinal Arinze:

Some of my favorite bits:

  • “The Holy Spirit does not go on holidays.”
  • “We all are servants. We all come and go. Christ doesn’t come and go. He stays on.”
  • “The pope is a servant. Indeed, one of his titles is Servant of the Servants of God. He’s not there for himself, or self-glory. So, his act yesterday was like saying, ‘I am a servant. I think another servant should come on.'”
  • “Pope Benedict may be teaching us many more things than we realize.”

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