Valentine’s Day YouTube playlist: Catholic artists, great music

It’s Lent, you’re fasting and praying, and you’ve somehow gotta get through today without chocolate…


Please enjoy this Valentine’s Day gift to you, my blog readers: a YouTube playlist, over 1 hour of music made by Catholics, and it’s all about love. If you’ve never heard some of these artists, make sure to check out the award-winning podcast Catholic Rockers, at

Valentine’s Day YouTube Playlist: <—- click it

  1. Audrey Assad – “Sparrow”
  2. Jackie Francois – “Divine Comedy”
  3. Rachael Lampa – “Remedy”
  4. Jon Niven – “Sometimes”
  5. Fr. Rob Galea – “Song of Love (Wedding Song)”
  6. David Kauffman – “I Am A God Nearby”
  7. Fire and Flame – “Keep You Close”
  8. Marie Miller – “Make the Most of Me”
  9. Rich Dittus – “Welcome Home”
  10. Cory and Marie Heimann – “Home”
  11. Josh Blakesley – “Let Your Love Come Down”
  12. JungleHeart/Clark Jaman – “John Paul II Singing Dynamite”
  13. Mars iLL – “Love’s Not”
  14. L’Angelus – “Ca C’est Bon”
  15. Elijah and Elisha – “Open Arms”
  16. Move Merchants – “Get Over”


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