Faith frees us. [Marshall McLuhan Monday]


Marshall McLuhan is not only my favorite media thinker, but a role model. That’s what the Marshall McLuhan Mondays series is really all about.

As we prepare to enter the desert this week (Lent, that is), I want to share something McLuhan’s colleague George Sanderson said about him:

There is no doubt that his faith gave him the confidence to run like a colt through the fields of dasein, and to laugh at the gorgon of flux.

Please remind yourself that Lent isn’t some sort of minimalistic, second chance at your New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to let God liberate you from whatever holds you back — so you can run and laugh freely.

Stay tuned for Ash Wednesday’s “5 Tips for Your Best Lent Yet.”


One comment

  1. I’m a big fan of Marshall McLuhan too. Thanks for the posting. What do you think of the US writer Walker Percy? I’m a big fan of him too.

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