Epic trailer – “3 Minute Catechism” COMING SOON!

Are you ready for a new way to communicate the Faith? Remember our friend Father Johannes M. Schwarz? He’s about to give you one. Aiming for an Easter 2013 release, Fr. Jo’s new project, “3 Minute Catechism” consists of 72 hand-drawn and animated episodes, each 3-4 minutes long.

From the website (to be available in 7 languages, by the way):

This series follows and explains the Creed adding in all four parts of the Catechism.

“3 Minute Catechism” will be released on 2 discs and price range will be an outrageously low $2.95 per disc. Want to stay informed? Stay tuned to this blog, and subscribe to Fr. Jo’s YouTube channel. English episode sneak-peeks should be available during Lent! If you’re linguistically-inclined, catch full episodes on Fr. Jo’s YouTube channel in German.

In the meantime, enjoy this “Making Of 3 Minute Catechism” video:



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