Meet accomplished Catholic singer from Cana, Galilee

Meet your sister in Christ, Rabab.

I met Rabab while in her hometown of Cana in Galilee – at her parish, the Wedding Church. Yep, that church; the one built over the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Crazy enough, I met her while she was preparing the church for a wedding in her own family, later that day!

Rabab’s family owns Cana Wine & Souvenir, a shop across the street from the church. Yes, the Zaitouns are descendants of the first followers of Christ! What a blessing for me to have met such a beautiful family. Meeting them and praying in their beautiful parish, all decked out for a wedding, brought this Sunday’s gospel to life. (Click here for my photos of the church.)

Yes, this really happened! It’s not just some ‘cool story’ or pious legend. Families in Cana, like the Zaitoun family, have passed on to their children knowledge that their village is indeed where Jesus performed his first miracle.

Rabab, like her fellow descendants of the first Christians, are Palestinian and speak Arabic. Since this interview, Rabab and her coworkers at The Holy Land Sounds have been entrusted with the official Arabic version of The Year of Faith hymn.

Enjoy Rabab’s beautiful voice singing about Blessed Mariam of Jesus Crucified, called ‘The Little Arab,’ a young Carmelite nun native to Galilee. You can learn more about Blessed Mariam here. Long live the Holy Land Christians, our family!


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