Site Inspiration – Holy Name of Jesus in NOLA

Screen Shot i - Holy Name of Jesus NOLAScreen Shot ii - Holy Name of Jesus NOLA

In honor of my favorite Catholic Foodie, Jeff Young, I’m featuring a New Orleans parish this week! Feast your eyes on Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church‘s lovely website.

The parish did something smart: worked with a local tech agency to have their website done professionally. Remember, folks: Not every well-intentioned, Catholic geek has the right set of gifts to create your parish website. Sometimes, it pays to pay a professional team of gifted geeks. Now, enough alliteration…

Site Highlights:

  • Immersive design: Some of my favorite parish sites are ones that help you feel like you’re visiting. That doesn’t require anything fancy; high-quality photographs of your parish and a smart color/font scheme lay the foundation.
  • At a Glance: You won’t need to dig through layers of pages to find parish events & Mass schedule; they’re on the front page. Everything else on the site is clearly visible, thanks to a smart navigation system. This is where pre-production planning can help your website shine.
  • Welcoming & Inviting: Right away, you’re welcomed and presented with several ways to “Get Involved” with the parish. That’s huge. That’s saying, “We want you here!”
  • Ministry Application: Speaking of getting involved, a parish doesn’t want to make ministry involvement difficult. (I’ve struggled with that myself.) If I want to offer my talents to the parish, but I can’t figure out who to contact – or the phone number on the bulletin is disconnected – I may never offer those talents! Holy Name of Jesus simplifies that process with this wonderful online Ministry Application.
  • Facebook’s not forgotten: Your Facebook presence doesn’t have to be shouted from the rooftops. It doesn’t have to take up half your homepage. Holy Name of Jesus incorporates Facebook with a simple FB logo in the lower corner of the website; a logical place to find it. In addition to a parish Facebook page, the Young Adult Group has their own.

Since we’re all getting inspired here, I must share this post from the parish Facebook page:

STOP! That’s right. STOP! Stop whatever you are doing. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Exhale very slowly-don’t cheat yourself-so that you relax for a split second. You owe yourself that much. Try it again. Only this time, as you exhale, speak softly, “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!” Just taking a brief moment to renew oneself in the Lord’s name can be a way of refocusing even in the midst of stress. Try it!

Donald Hawkins, S.J.

Congratulations, Holy Name of Jesus Parish! You’re an inspiration.

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