Maronite Christmas music – Enjoy the catholicity!

Maronite Icon - Nativity of Our Lord

I was first introduced to the beautiful Maronite Christmas hymns about 1 year ago, interviewing two local Maronite priests about their Maronite Church and customs.

Lost? The Maronite Catholic Church is one of many Churches in union with the Roman Catholic Church and obedient to the Pope of Rome. Their origin is from Lebanon, and their liturgical and traditional customs are different from Roman Catholicism, but their beliefs are the same. Together with the other Churches, we all compose the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church founded by Christ.

Here are some places online to hear Maronite Christmas hymns. They’re in Syriac, which is a form of Aramaic, the language spoken by our Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, and St. Joseph!

Maronite Chant, by Sr. Marie Keyrouz – includes Christmas, Passion & Resurrection hymns

Maronite Christmas Medley – St. Anthony’s Traditional Maronite Choir (Lawrence, MA)

‘Sound of the Young’ Christmas concert – Recorded in Cyprus


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