Site Inspiration – Morris Catholic High School

This school gets it. Morris Catholic High School in Denville, New Jersey, masterfully uses new media to connect with its young students, impress parents, and communicate with current or potential community members.

The greatest part? Their president, Michael St. Pierre, introduced the school to new media. The school hired a 27-year-old alumni as director of communications and alumni relations, whose teenaged brother now attends the school. It’s a beautiful combination with beautiful results.

Media Highlights:

  • President’s tumblr blog – Why not ask your president, dean of students, etc., to blog on tumblr? The platform is easier to master than WordPress, Blogger, Facebook or Twitter — and high schoolers are all over tumblr.
  • Podcasts galore – Morris Catholic produces podcasts acting as backstage passes, with “MC Sports” on Soundcloud, “The Shout MC” chats about campus culture, “MC in the Spotlight” features individuals from students to staff who make Morris Catholic.
  • TechEd podcast – Are you a techie? In education? This podcast features discussion and tips from Catholic techies like my buddies Matt Warner and Tom Shakely. That Morris produces this podcast demonstrates their passion for excellence in educational technology…which speaks volumes to potential parents, students, faculty, AND….(dun dun dun) benefactors!
  • Active Twitter @MCHSCrusader – Updated, interacting with other Twitter users, and posting multimedia like event photos make this handle a winner.
  • Official School App – Listen to school podcasts, stay updated with news & blogs, connect via social media, and donate to MCHS on your smartphone! I love this. Meet your community members wherever they are via an app.
  • Tech in the classrooms: Incorporating podcast production, Adobe Creative Suite, iPads, smartboards, and more in their classrooms, Morris Catholic students’ education is clearly up-to-speed. When they graduate, they’ll be on-par with the outside world’s media ken.

A fabulous website serves a school well, but that’s the bare minimum for today’s high schoolers. Morris Catholic raises the bar for any school, especially Catholic schools, by engaging new media to fulfill every aspect of their mission. What an inspiration!


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