Yes, the Rosary is repetitive! [Marshall McLuhan Monday]

Speaking with “Rosary Priest” Father Patrick Peyton in 1971, McLuhan sheds light on the Rosary and meditation from a media perspective:

Much of the complaint about the Rosary is: ‘The Rosary is repetitive.’ It is—precisely—replay! And it is a perpetual deepening, not a superficial treatment at all. But there is in the replay a deeper awareness of the pattern and of the events that have taken place—the pattern of events, the process. And so, replay offers a deeper level of awareness than the first play.
I think the Rosary is a perpetual way of deepening our awareness, and the repetitions are really very close to the world of resonance, which is of itself a world of profound involvement and of insight. And a feeling of ‘at home-ness.’



    • Woohoo! Thank you for the encouragement. I was beginning to wonder how MMM’s were received by readers. McLuhan is definitely a great guy from whom we Catholics can receive communications training.

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