Site Inspiration – St. Ignatius in San Francisco, CA

It’s not easy finding a superior parish website, but I am happy inside when I do.

Immediately, St. Ignatius parish in San Francisco website visitors note the Jesuit flavor to this site design.

Take note:

  • Clean design; consistent color scheme and fonts
  • Excellent photographic banners display church’s unique beauty
  • Mass/Sacraments schedule easy to find
  • Quick Links to documents visitors are seeking
  • Social media buttons, while Facebook is only active profile, we know to look for this parish on other networks soon
  • Drop-down menu is straightforward, user-friendly
  • Search & Sitemap ensure you’ll find whatever’s available

This website is still under construction in some places, but the important information is present. The site serves a beautiful example of what every parish website can do – without too many bells and whistles. Congratulations, St. Ignatius parish! You’re inspiring.


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