Franciscan Friar Signed to Major Label, Recording at Abbey Road

Is he a modern-day Francis?

Get excited. Friar Alessandro Brustenghi, a Franciscan from Assisi in his mid-30’s, has become the first Franciscan friar to sign a record deal with a major music label (Decca Records of Universal Music). I recently had the pleasure of tweeting him, and was pleased to discover that he personally responds! He clearly loves our Lord with that characteristically passionate, Franciscan love.

His tweet to me (re: Feast of Corpus Christi):

Thank you! God is Love, Love is a Gift, Gift is a Man and now the Man is Bread and Wine. The greatest miracle for everybody!

…Wow, did he just create a Tweet-sized Eucharistic theology? How Franciscan.

Proceeds raised by Friar Alessandro’s music will be channeled directly to the Order of Friars Minor to continue their centuries-old work among the most needy.

Joy radiates from Friar Ale’s bright smile and laughter! Thank God for this very needed, public witness to the beauty of Catholicism.

Interviews with Friar Alessandro

Connect with Friar Alessandro (show him your support!)


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