New Catholic healthcare option: Solidarity Health Share

Have you gotten sick of the American healthcare system yet?

The recent debate in this country about what’s covered under health insurance has brought the insurance industry, religious freedom, and political processes all into closer public scrutiny. Many, especially Catholics, are looking for alternatives to the same old options.

Pre-existing conditions make life difficult for many Americans – even if conditions’ actual effects on a patient’s health are negligible. I have personally experienced the fear, frustration, and grief of being denied coverage after applying for a policy with a large, well-reknowned health insurance company. Reason? A “pre-existing condition.”

Funny thing: A couple weeks ago, my doctor told me, “You will never get diabetes, and you’ll almost certainly never have a heart condition. You’ll likely die at a very, very old age.

The system is clearly flawed.

If you’re looking for a different solution, I’d like to disclose a new option that was recently brought to my attention: Solidarity Health Share,

an ethical Catholic alternative for medical coverage that facilitates members giving to other members for medical needs.

Reminiscent of the early disciples’ sharing goods in common, Solidarity Health Share is an opportunity to ‘help yourself’ while helping others. The specifics are still being finalized, but if you’d like more information, you can sign up for email updates on their website.

Solidarity Health Share was inspired particularly by Angela Faddis, the young mother battling Stage IV Colon Cancer who, over the last year, has found help from the larger Catholic community to receive treatment and stay alive. SHS is “committed to providing a valid option for those who suffer from chronic illnesses.”

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide SHS and everyone fighting for life, liberty, and the healthy pursuit of happiness.


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