Catholic Indiegogos – The Unfortunate Few

Indiegogo is a wonderful concept. Have an idea? Need some money? This website will help you reach donors, offer incentives, collect funds, and communicate your progress. It’s called crowdfunding.

A few Catholic Indiegogo projects have caught my attention:

“It was a total shock.”

That’s how Angela Faddis says she received her diagnosis. Angela and her husband Chris, an inspiring young Catholic couple, began their Indiegogo project to fund the production of a book called It Is Well: Life in the Storm, describing their extraordinary journey since Angela received Stage IV Colon Cancer diagnosis one year ago. (And believe me, it’s been a heck of a story.)

77 people contributed $5,400 toward their $15,000 goal; pray for the Faddis family as they undertake the enormous and generous task of sharing their story of hope with others.

All That Remains is a movie currently in production by Ian & Dominic Higgins (the Mary-loving men behind The 13th Day film on Fatima). This is a project that begun in the belly of Indiegogo, raising nearly $5,000 toward a film about Japanese Catholics affected by Nagasaki’s tragedy, August 1945.

Follow All That Remains blog and Facebook page to get the scoop on the movie’s development.

Hi-freakin’-five to Brandon Vogt and everyone who contributed to his Africa eBook Project, which has raised $8,548 as I write this. Donors have far surpassed Brandon’s initial goal to raise $4,000 towards providing 2,000 CD’s with Catholic ebooks for every seminarian in Cameroon, Africa. Yes: Every seminarian in the entire country!

The Sad News

Try typing “Catholic” into the Indiegogo search bar. You’ll find plenty of projects working against the Catholic Church…all the usual stuff: priests are pedophiles, the Church hates women, the Church is homophobic, and the like.

Unfortunately, many of these projects are well-funded. I guess Hatred, Hurt, and Ignorance have money, too.

Why don’t more of us Catholics start using Indiegogo (and its relatives, like Kickstarter)?

Do you know of a cause I missed? Let me know!

P.S. Honorable Mention goes to Five Blocks Away, the movie being made by St. Catherine of Siena Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, thanks to crowdfunding.


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