Rad Catholic videos you’ve never seen (but wish you had) by a German-speaking priest

For years, my YouTube channel has quietly been subscribed to one of the most talented Catholic video guys on the planet: Fr. Johannes M. Schwarz. He says he’s “not professional,” just enjoys it. This hobby of his, however, has gained my attention.

Many of Father’s videos are in German, since he lives in Liechtenstein (you know, that super-tiny country near Switzerland and Austria?), but there are some goodies in English, too. I’ll feature both types in this post.

Check out his YouTube channel, which is a piggy bank of pop culture spoofs. Some highlights:

Father Johannes has released a DVD on the Mass and, while in German, I still enjoyed poking through it. (But I hear it’s a masterpiece.) Can you believe…it begins with a priest talking about beer? Check it out here.

Another fun German project is Mein Gott und Walter – a series of videos created as a course on Catholic theology and philosophy. Here’s a “darth” taste. (You can find more on his Vimeo channel.)

Currently, Father is working with a Greek animator to produce a 300-minute Catholic catechism – Oh Mein Gott, to be released in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Polish. To me, this looks like a barrel of fun. Here’s a German clip:

How blessed are we to have priests around the world, using their talents for God’s glory? I’ve already spotlighted Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR, Fr. Rob Galea and Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC on this blog. Do you know any other priests ‘under-the-radar’ who have big talents?


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