The song that led me to Christ – “Set It Off”

I wasn’t always in love with Christ.

Like many other Catholics in the blogosphere, my faith was ignited by something unexpected. One day, as a teenaged girl who got lost in rock music, I saw a poster for this album in a music store:

In those days, new albums had CD players with headphones connected so that you could ‘preview’ the album. I listened to the first song, “Set It Off,” and knew I had to get the album. As my dad drove me home, I read the liner notes and lyrics. They stunned me.

These tattooed, pierced, dreadlocked hard rockers credited everything to Jesus Christ. All of their songs were about their Christianity. Researching the band later, I was flabbergasted to learn that they were platinum-selling artists signed to Atlantic Records, who had toured with the biggest rock bands in the business all over the globe. Everywhere they went, they testified to Jesus as Lord.

Payable On Death changed my life with rock music, because they introduced me to Jesus Christ in a way I had never known Him. They opened my eyes to the Friend I’d had knocking on my heart all my life. And it all started with this song…

I am indebted to them.

(A fan-created video for the song.)


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