Catholic artist’s new graphic novel “Please God, Find Me a Husband!”

After Simone Lia said a prayer in the middle of Leicester Square, she was inspired to write her newest graphic novel, Please God, Find Me A Husband! Simone, the English artist and author whose book takes a whirlwind adventure with nuns, monks, Eucharistic Adoration, Scripture…and INXS, is definitely Catholic. She knows that it’s not an easy thing to publish something so saturated with Catholicism in the U.K. today:

I thought it’s taking a big risk because I know people are quite anti-Catholic. It’s a cultural thing that goes far back. But it’s also fashionable to be an atheist, especially in the comics industry, which is aimed at a young, metropolitan demographic, and rarely touches on religion in a positive way. I think by accident I’ve done something quite rebellious.

I have just discovered Simone and her work thanks to Father Stephen Wang, who said of this book:

It’s Cosmopolitan meets St John of the Cross via Snoopy and the Far Side. […] There is a moment of grace and enlightenment near the end of the book…that is both profoundly moving and presents a spiritual insight that is worthy of the contemplative masters, and that I don’t think could have been communicated so effectively in any other medium.

Not surprisingly, readers of all faiths are giving Please God, Find Me a Husband! positive reviews. You can watch a slide/audio show of the first part of the novel at The Guardian.View a few more religious pages at The Catholic Herald.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Simone!


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