Brilliant Rosary-praying method for children

My husband and I are still patiently waiting for little blessings to be conceived in our new family. In the meantime, I’m enjoying all the Catholic mom (and dad) bloggers who share brilliant ideas like this one:

Kimberlee, homeschooling mom of seven, found that her children had difficulty praying the Rosary with beads. (Move your fingers and your place is lost!) That didn’t deter her! She crocheted several roses and printed cards for the mysteries.

Here’s how it works: As each Hail Mary is prayed, a red rose is placed in a basket; on each Our Father, a white rose. Read Kimberlee’s full explanation here. Can’t crochet like me? Kimberlee has some great alternative suggestions. I would imagine you could get really creative here: yellow roses for the Glory Be, presenting the basket to a statue or portrait of Mary as the Hail Holy Queen is prayed, etc. Thanks for the inspiration, Kimberlee!

Do you have any special tips for family prayer?


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